David Pauch 
Dave was born in Pennsylvania in the small town of Home. Soon after his birth, his parents discovered he could not see, and moved to Cleveland, Ohio for a series of operations to remove his congenital cataracts. This provided David with partial sight.

When he was 8, his uncle Dean got him his first accordion. It was a 12-bass rental from a local music store. Dave soon went to a 120-bass which he played until he was 22 years old,. He then got his present accordion with the wider keys.

After moving to Arizona when his parents retired here, Dave joined the Southern Arizona Old Time Fiddlers in late 1991. Soon thereafter, he got a job tuning pianos for a downtown piano store. His accurate and diligent work there was noticed by one of the technicians. When the piano store went out of business, he was asked him to work as a piano technician at The University of Arizona School of Music and Dance.

While working there, Dave met Chad Cole in the office of the music department, who suggested that Dave contact Jim O'Brien, a music professor, about joining the ACT. Dave extends his thanks not only to Chad and Jim, but to Sophie and Ozzie for hauling him back and forth from performances and practices.

" I really enjoy this opportunity!" says Dave.

Accordion Club of Tucson