James C. Reilly 
Jim began accordion lessons at the age of nine and a half. His instructor, Charles Nunzio, is a world renowned composer, arranger and expert accordionist. As his skills progressed he earned a spot in an eight member accordion ensemble playing at many concerts and some T.V. shows directed by Mr. Nunzio. Most of the music played was four-part arrangements of very difficult overtures. As Jim further progressed, he played solo and duets.

At the age of 18, Jim worked at the Nunzio studio part time teaching students just starting out as well as those with intermediate ability. Back then people having a private party would contact the studio and Mr. Nunzio would hire him to play background and mood music.

After completing his education and working full time, he married and raised four sons, which did not allow him the time to play accordion. Since the instrument was losing it's popularity, he completely stopped playing.

Jim finally retired in 1999 and moved to Tucson. He found he had more time for himself and began playing again. Since then he has been playing for private parties, church groups, special festivities as well as with the Accordion Club of Tucson.

Accordion Club of Tucson