Nina Tritenichenko
Nina Tritenichenko was born in Kiev City, in the Ukraine. She has played the accordion since she was seven years old. Her education was obtained in one of the best schools in Kiev city, Music School #5. Her accordion teacher, Vadim Ugrinovich, was famous in the former Soviet Union. This school had an extensive curriculum which included music theory, the history of music, and orchestral playing . She completed seven years at the school and graduated with honors. Her next level of special education was three years in Kiev Cultural and Education School (college) where she continued to improve in her accordion and piano artistry and learned skills of orchestral conducting. She graduated with honors in 1985 . She then completed her education in Kiev State Dragomanov Teachers University Music department and graduated with a specialty in Music Teaching and Chorus Conducting in 1991. The degree is the equivalent to the Masters of Art in the United States.

Nina has lived in Tucson since May 1999. Her hobby is playing and singing Ukrainian and Russian songs with her husband, Eugene. She is teaching her son Oleh to play the piano. Nina is an active member of the Accordion Club of Tucson, Arizona Balalaika Orchestra as well as the Grimaldi String Orchestra.

Accordion Club of Tucson