Roxanna was raised on a farm in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Her father was a farmer while her mother was a music teacher and started her on the piano when she was only five years old. Roxanna received a 12-Bass accordion when she was seven and started her training on that instrument. She gradually advanced to larger instruments and started taking lessons at the Music Center of Ft. Wayne. She studied at the center through her high school years, playing in accordion bands and ensembles and participating in numerous national contests. Her basic training was in classical music, however, she also played in a 4-piece dance band during this time and for many years following. She has played for various clubs and organizations in addition to private parties and dinner clubs. In Ft. Wayne, she had a two-piece group, (drums and Roxanna) that played on Tuesday nights at the Senior Citizen Center for their dance parties and she also called square dances at these events.

In 1979, Roxanna moved to the South Bend, Indiana area and joined a 5-piece dance band called the Mock Twins Orchestra. They played all styles of music with an emphasis on "Big Band" selections. Roxanna was privileged to be a part of their group for ten years while she lived in that area. She moved to Tucson in 1989 and continues to play professionally for church events and private parties. After a long career in the accounting profession, she has retired to allow for more time to participate in other interests and hobbies. Hiking, traveling, A.C.T. musical events, and other fun activities now fill her schedule.

Roxanna Baker
Accordion Club of Tucson