Accordion Club of Tucson
Todd Graves

Todd is a non-accordion playing member of the club. Todd's wife Lois is one of the mainstays of the club and Todd has signed on to take our photos, many of which are posted on this website. 

During the summer, in Belvidere, Illinois where Lois and Todd have lived since they started teaching,  Todd assists with the management of the "G-Notes”, an accordion duo with Lois and a friend. Todd is their announcer/photographer.  The “G-Notes” have entertained at several nursing/assisted living homes in the Belvidere area.

"Sergeant" Todd also serves as a Quartermaster for the Old Arizona Brass Band, a Tucson based musical group that reenacts the 4th Cavalry band that was at old Ft. Lowell in the late 1800s.  He serves as the band's photographer and announcer.  The accompanying photo was taken by wife Lois at a Fall 2008 Old Arizona Brass Band Concert where Todd was announcing.