Accordion Club of Tucson

         Bill Dickerson

I began accordion when the instrument was considerably more widely accepted than it is today—some months back when I was in the 8th grade. And I took lessons during 60 of those months—early on through the Lady of Spain and España Cañi cyle of recital pieces, and later with an Italian in Detroit who had me learn my chords and taught me to play from a fake book, skills I treasure to this day. During the period of declining popularity of the accordion and work and family raising, I learned to poke at a keyboard and strum a guitar some to keep body and soul together. Then in ‘98, I put on an accordion for the first time in 20 years and came “home” musically. I was a charter member and the first vice president of ACT. Subsequently, I have played accordion with the worship team of a Spanish-­‐‑speaking congregation, played accordion and sung bass with a Gospel group called the Canyonaires, and in addition to ACT, belong to the Southern Arizona Old Time Fiddlers Association (as an accordionist). Otherwise, I enjoy playing at local jams and at home for my own amazement.