ACT Photo Page 

ACT in Green Valley, June 2007
ACT at Tucson's Downtown Saturday Night 
ACT Monthly Meeting
ACT at Tucson's
Holiday Parade
Mary Louise Rossman, Roxanna Baker, Lois Graves accepting Frosini Award, Las Vegas 2005
Tucson's Family Arts Festival, 2004 
La Posada, Green Valley
Desert Pueblo - January, 2008
Desert Trails RV Park  February 2007
Drexel School Art Extravaganza March 2007
Green Valley Health Fair  March 2007
Dennis Manley at Tucson Meet Yourself 2007
2006 Family Arts Festival
Margie's 85th Birthday - Green Valley Health Fair Day, 2008
Atria Bell Court Gardens, 2008
Green Valley Health Fair Day, 2008
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Other photos of ACT  taken over the years
2009 Downtown Tucson Holiday of Lights Parade
2010Downtown Tucson Holiday of Lights Parade
Arizona School for Deaf and Blind, 2008

ACT Friends May 2010
Life Care Center January 2010
Jim and Shirley O'Brien on March 14, 2011
2010 Downtown Tucson Holiday of Lights Parade
Camp Abilities 2009
With Tony Lovello at ACT Meeting - 2011
UApresents Children's Festival-Saturday, January 11, 2014  Reid Park
Taken by Odani Keiko
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Photo from March 20, 2014 at the Udall Center
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